WHAT WE DO: Create - Learn - Inspire

ShowWorks Theatre C.I.C. is a non-for-profit community interest company focused on drama education as a means of creative learning.

We work with professional bodies and freelance artists and educators to deliver our social outcomes and programmes.

The company strives to enhance the wellbeing of young people and adults in communities through creative learning within the performing arts.

What's a C.I.C.?

A Community Interest Company is commonly known as a 'social enterprise'.

'Social enterprises' are businesses set up to help with a common good. For example, they can help:

  • with a social need – for example providing health or social care
  • strengthen a community – for example running a community centre
  • improve people's life chances – for example creating opportunities to learn skills


We believe that Creative Learning through the performing arts has a strong social benefit to communities, and an evident developmental outcome for young people and adults, enhancing communication skills, tackling social isolation, developing confidence, and promoting active lifestyles.


Our popular Theatre School initiative is a programme of regular performing arts classes delivered in partnership with communities or venues, delivering our social and community outcomes at grassroots level.

Our Syllabus is published at the start of the teaching year (usually August) and outlines our activities for the forthcoming session.

Our work closely adheres to the Experiences & Outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Our Theatre School programme is designed for young people to gain confidence through a sense of self-achievement of awards and grades. We are Trinity College London & London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Examination Centres.


We contract professional, experienced and qualified staff to deliver our programmes and projects:


We create and staging drama with community performers. We believe this fosters community spirit.


We work with local authority schools, developing expressive arts projects and performances with pupils and staff.